Harnett Sheehan Families

Genealogy of our Harnett, Sheldon, Sheehan & Devere families

Kathy's Ancestors

Kathy's ancestral line goes back to Isaac Sheldon, one of the first settlers of Northampton, Massachusetts. It also includes such colorful figures as William Fuller Harnett, who built a castle in Newcastle West, Ireland, and Stephen James McCormick, one of the first settlers and pioneers of the Oregon Territory. On her Sheldon line she is related to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. . Through her Spencer line, she is related to Sir Winston Churchhill and Princess Diana. In addition, through her 13th great grandmother, Mary Boleyn (aka The Other Boleyn Girl), she is related to several kings and queens of early Europe. Clicking on Kathy's Ancestors above her photo will bring you to her side of the family.


The aim of the Harnett Sheehan Families website is to gather together research and remembrances relating to the history of our family.

Much of that history started in small villages and towns in Ireland and England. From these villages and towns the family has spread out across the globe so that today there are descendants and extended family on most of the world's continents.

Tracking them all would be a mind-boggling task, but the website is a start. Within these pages are details on over 16,200 individual people, including over 3,200 unique surnames making over 5,500 families. To see them all or select one to view, click Here.

Alternately, if you know the name of the person you are looking for, enter it in the search bar at the top of the page. Or, use the Advanced Search option above.

We hope you enjoy exploring this site as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

David's Ancestors

David's ancestral line includes Sheehans and Hurleys who spread out across the globe populating the world with scientists, teachers and physicians. He is also a direct descendant of the Devere family who founded the well-known newspaper "Western People" in Ireland. Clicking on David's Ancestors above his photo will bring you to his side of the family.


We want to thank all the relatives who have generously shared information, stories, photos and documents. Without their contributions this website would not be possible.


This website is a work in progress. Access is currently restricted to invited and registered family members. If we ever make it public, information on living people will not be visible.


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